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Meet Dr. Tyre D. Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer 

A passionate advocate for educational equity and community engagement, Dr. Tyre’ Jenkins is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a product of the East Baton Rouge School System and a proud graduate of Glen Oaks High School, Jenkins at a young age believed education would be the vehicle to transcend the labels, statistics, and stereotypes attached to his reality. For the past seven years, Dr. Jenkins has worked in different capacities in his pursuit to bring about academic liberation for his community.


About JAS

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“Supported scholars, inspired educators, and powerful leaders.” 


Jenkins Academic Solutions (JAS) boasts a powerful mission to transform the field of education through academic tools that empower and equip others for success. The educational assistance and resources offered through JAS work to leave scholars, educators and leaders more confident, empowered and prepared to meet their highest academic potential. 


The services provided through JAS seek to support multiple key stakeholders within education. JAS prides itself in providing  academic tutoring for pre-k through 12th grade students, instructional coaching for primary and secondary educators as well as writing and research support for doctoral candidates. 

It's Your Time



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Margaret Cage
Doctoral Student

Wow, where should I begin? I have been writing my dissertation on and off for over a year now. I found myself unable to focus on my topic and organize my research. I was stuck and ready to throw in the towel. This summer semester would have been my last attempt before making the decision to just accept the ABD (all but dissertation) status like so many of my colleagues and friends because I have been paying tuition with no results. Fortunately, I was introduced to Dr. Tyre Jenkins, dissertation coach, by my major professor a few weeks ago. Since our initial meeting my writing motivation has done a 360 degree spin. I was very nervous and embarrassed to share my work with him but he put all of my fears to rest with his calm, reassuring, and spiritual personality. I enjoy and look forward to our coaching sessions and outside of those sessions - I Am Writing! I AM WRITING! Dr. Tyre Jenkins is knowledgeable, confident, practical, and exudes the definition of a true servant leader! Thank you for investing in me, Dr. Jenkins! God bless you!


Nathan & Noah Williams
Academic Tutoring

I have been able to work with Dr. Ty and JAS in a few capacities and I am extremely pleased with everything. 

The 1:1 tutoring sessions provided my son with the support and attention that he needed to develop in the ELA. After only a few weeks my son articulated that he felt more confident in his school work and enjoyed learning with Dr. Ty!! The individualized plans for each session, the brain breaks, the entire time spent were curated for a growth experience for my son and I am so grateful for the experiences. 

The LEAP writing camp grew 2 of my sons in preparation for the LEAP test. Beyond the concentrated instruction and extremely talented educators — my sons were excited to be “in a real college classroom” … so I feel like they earned in two-fold. On one side; they grew in knowledge and on the other; they gained intentional postsecondary exposure, and for this parent is invaluable! 


Evan Mickels
Academic Tutoring

I attended the LEAP Writing Workshop this past April to help prepare for the upcoming LEAP/EOC test and I also have had Dr. Jenkins for private tutoring in ELA. As a result of  JAS, my English grades and my English score on the EOC increased. I understand the concepts of ELA much better now.  Not only is Dr. Jenkins and his staff very knowledgeable but they really care about you as a person and your academic success. Dr. Jenkins is very encouraging and motivates you to do your best! JAS is an excellent tutoring service and they go above and beyond to ensure that students' needs are met. I highly recommend them!